Show Schedule

Street-Team-Steel-City-4x6-02_420Doors Open Friday Sept. 19th
From 12pm-10pm

After Party at:
Devils & Dolls - Bar & Nightclub
1713 East Carson St.

Saturday Sept. 20th
From 12pm-10pm

After Party at:
Cheerleaders Hosted by Bloodlines Gallery
3100 Liberty Ave.

Sunday Sept. 21st
From 12pm-7pm

After Party at:
211 N. Shore Drive


FRIDAY Sept. 19th, 2014
4PM Tattoo Contests Start
• Best Cover Up
• Best Traditional
• Best Lettering
• Best Asian
9PM Tattoo of the Day Contest

SATURDAY Sept. 20th, 2014
4PM Tattoo Contests Start
• Best Portrait Black and Grey
• Best Portrait Color
• Best Sleeve
• Best Backpiece
9PM Tattoo of the Day Contest

SUNDAY Sept. 21st, 2014
4PM Tattoo Contests Start
• Best Large Color
• Best Large Black and Grey
• Best Small Color
• Best Small Black and Grey
7PM Tattoo of the Day Contest / Best in Show

Painting Workshops with Gunnar!
11am–1pm : Intro to Oil and Acrylics
Covered in this course: Choosing the right brush, paints and their properties, comparison of mediums, and prepping surfaces.
Eventbrite - Painting Workshops with Gunnar

5pm–9pm : Live Painting Workshop
Join along in this small work shop. Gunnar will guide you through your very own small painting while he paints alongside you, explaining his technique and answering questions. (People taking all three courses get first seating in painting workshop)
Eventbrite - Painting Workshops with Gunnar; Live Painting Workshop

2pm–4pm : Oil and Acrylics Part Dos
Covered in this course: Learn various ways to apply a drawing to surface.
Learn about underpainting techniques, blending techniques, glazing, and stumbling.
Eventbrite - Painting Workshops with Gunnar;  Oil and Acrylics Part 2

All 3 Classes: SATURDAY, $300

Nikko Hurtado Color Realism.
Nikko will be offering his color realism seminar this year! He offers his advice on stencil making, needle and machine choices, color theory, application, and how he goes about choosing the right reference. He also goes in depth in his sketches over topics such as shape building and use of the light source on an image.
SUNDAY 1pm, $150.00
Eventbrite - Nikko Hurtado Color Realism.

Shane Oneill & Bob Tyrrell
Collaboration Skull

This will be a fun and informative collaboration seminar between two of the best at black and grey. We will draw a raffle ticket at random to select somebody to receive a black and grey skull collaboration tattoo from Shane and Bob. You are invited to watch and ask questions as these two do what they are best known for. You will learn about their machine and needle preferences, and pigment choices amongst many other tid bits of information. We will also be offering the tattoo raffle tickets at $20 a piece to be entered into the drawing without needing to sign up for the seminar. Details at the information table.
SUNDAY 4pm, $150.00
Eventbrite - Shane Oneill & Bob Tyrrell: Collaboration Skull